Our annual Open Day will be held on Saturday 4th May 2019 from 10am until 12noon where the children can have free play inside and out - let them experience our lovely open backyard while you have a chat to our teachers, educators and enrolment officers.  Stay for the whole 2 hours or just pop your head in to say hello!  

Enrolments for 2020 will be taken on the open day and over a two week period, the 3 year old enrolment form can be found here.  

The following documentation and paperwork is required to enrol:
  • A fully completed application form
  • $10 application fee
  • A copy of the childs birth certificate
  • Documentation showing current address

The zoning map can be found here.

2019 Session Times

Our 3 year old program (Dolphins) runs on Tuesday morning from 8.30am until 12 noon, Thursday afternoon from 2pm until 4.30pm and totals 6 hours of preschool per week.

Fees for 2020 are $455 per term and are due before the start of term.  The session times will remain the same as 2019.

Incursions are scheduled each year and may vary depending upon the interests of the children.  In recent years we've had African Drumming, Wild Action - The Zoo that Comes to You, Paul Jamieson “The Music Man” and rabbit rearing.  Excursions are kept to a minimum for this age group, however, we usually visit the local community for part of a session.

If you are unable to attend the Open Day, you can email forms and documentation directly to 3yoenrolments@mentonepreschool.com.au or post to us at:


3yo Enrolment Officer

Mentone Pre School

6 Station Street

Mentone VIC 3194


Mentone Pre School runs 2 groups for our 4 year old program, both 15 hours per week.  Session times are listed in the table above for 2019 and will remain the same in 2020.

Bush Kinder commences from Term 2 for our Penguins group, this allows us to get to know your child and for your child to get to know us in Term 1.  We explain the rules and guidelines and they get to meet old friends and establish new friendships.

Fees for 2020 have been reviewed by the Committee of Management and are set at $540 per term (due before the end of the preceding term).  Fees do include all excursions (e.g. Casey Traffic School, Parkdale Library, local shops and schools) and incursions (Wild Action, Paul Jamieson "The Music Man" and rabbit rearing).  Each year is different, depending on the interests of the children.

Mentone Pre School is part of the City Of Kingston Central Enrolment Scheme, therefore, you are required to enrol online though the City of Kingston's website from the 1st May. Please visit the City of Kingston website for the enrolment form and further information or call the Central Enrolment Officer on 9581 4851.

Should you have any questions about our 4 year old programs please speak to our enrolment officer by emailing 4yoenrolments@mentonepreschool.com.au.

For further information please refer to the Enrolment & Orientation Policy and the Fees Policy.


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