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Mentone Pre School is a community owned kindergarten offering three and four year old programs in Bayside Melbourne, within walking distance to public transport (Mentone train station and bus stops) and the Mentone shopping precinct.


Mission statement: At Mentone Pre School we believe that every child is capable, unique and innately inquisitive about their world.  The children are at the heart of everything we do.



At Mentone Pre School we believe that every child is capable, unique and innately inquisitive about their world.

We believe all children have the right to explore their world and learn through play.  We encourage play that is child directed, intentional and meaningful, to promote a sense of self-worth, agency and satisfaction.


We value a learning environment that is underpinned by the building of respectful, reciprocal and inclusive relationships. We strive to create a sense of belonging for each child and family within the preschool by actively seeking family and community engagement.  Embracing and celebrating diversity is vital to the connections and partnerships we develop and nurture.


The role of our teachers and educators is to facilitate experiences of discovery for children and to enhance their learning through intentional teaching.  As educators, we are committed to developing collaborative and reflective practices to support ongoing professional learning and continuous improvement to our pedagogy.


Appreciation of our biological world, sustainable practices and environmental awareness is imbedded in our program.  Our outdoor learning environment and “Bush Kinder” program reflect these beliefs, ensuring that opportunities for the exploration of our natural environment are provided in the children’s daily experiences.


Our preschool philosophy is a reflection of the Victorian and National Quality Framework.  It is imbedded in our principles and practices, to ensure the provision of a meaningful discovery based preschool program for children and their families.


We acknowledge and pay our respect to the traditional custodians of the land on which we play, work and meet.





Age Group

No of Children


3 Year Old

22 children

Sea Stars

4 Year Old

28 children


4 Year Old

22 children



Kindergarten is a wonderful place for children to interact and learn from one another. It provides countless opportunities to discover, think, plan and play. Each child is encouraged to explore the wide range of educational experiences available through a program developed on the basis of the teacher’s knowledge of the children as individuals. 

This knowledge is gained through ongoing observations and the teacher’s interaction with each child. The focus is on enhancing their strengths and recognises that all children are different and should be allowed to develop at their own pace to reach their individual potential.


Aims of the Program

The aims of our program are as follows:

  • To provide an enjoyable, cooperative and safe environment where children feel valued and supported
  • For each child’s unique worth to be valued and his or her self-esteem strengthened
  • For each child to develop confidence in his or her own ability to function as a member of a caring and loving group
  • For each child to be aware of, and express appropriately, his or her own needs, feelings and ideas and to recognise these rights in others
  • For each child to be encouraged to develop a sense of independence and responsibility
  • For parents to be welcomed into the kindergarten and their unique relationship with their child to be recognised and valued
  • To encourage parents to participate in the Pre-School programme
  • To communicate with parents on an ongoing basis about their child’s development
  • To have the children and the kindergarten community value and respect differences of culture, gender and ability
  • For the children to be given the opportunity to develop their social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language skills
  • To foster an enjoyment of discovery and learning about the world

Educational Program

  • Play dough and clay using hands, rollers, cutters, natural materials, buttons, etc.
  • Using puzzles to enhance spatial awareness
  • Building with wooden blocks and construction sets for the development of concepts of size, volume & space
  • Painting with endless shades of colour, using a wide variety of tools
  • Printing using stamps, sponges, balloons, corks, buttons, etc.
  • Creating with boxes, streamers, confetti, using paste, sticky-tape, staples to join materials
  • Paper tearing & cutting with scissors
  • Threading & sewing
  • Drawing using crayons, felt-tip pens, oil pastels, chalk & pencils and a variety of paper types and sizes
  • Books: big books and conventional books, picture books and story books – to look at, read together and talk about
  • Puppets and storytelling to enhance imagination, memory and communication skills
  • Dramatic play: home area, office, hospital, dress-ups etc and/or shops, restaurant, etc.
  • Sand and water play
  • Running, climbing, balancing on the outdoor equipment. Throwing, catching balls and bean bags
  • Group times: singing, games, finger-plays, rhymes, discussing, using musical instruments and movement activities with the teacher and other children
  • Mother's Day, Grandparents’ days, Fathers’ sessions, relevant festivities and celebrations
  • Incursions & excursions: as appropriate and relevant to program.



Each day the children are asked to bring dried fruit, fresh fruit or vegetables to have at snack time. These should be packed in a small lunch box labelled with the child’s name. Four year old's will also need a sandwich for lunch. Each year we review our food policy in light of information received regarding specific food allergies - a list will be provided. Parents are asked to adhere to the allowable food list that is part of the nutritional policy and can be found in the policy book in the foyer.


Nuts, biscuits, cakes, lollies, chocolate, health bars etc are not allowed.


Please remember that some children have life threatening allergies and that foods such as nuts should not to be brought into the building for consumption by any child attending or adult or child visiting the Pre-School.


Water is the only drink available; fruit juice is served on special occasions.


On your child’s birthday their group will celebrate with songs, a special birthday ‘cake’ for them to blow out the candles and they will even receive a little gift.  You are politely asked to not bring anything for the children to have at the end of the session, as in previous years it became more about what everyone would get and not about the birthday child!  



Josie Milner - Penguins Teacher, Educational Leader and Nominated Supervisor. Josie - Penguins Teacher, Educational Leader & Nominated Supervisor
I began teaching at Mentone Pre School in 2011 after a break from teaching while I stayed at home with my children. I completed my Bachelor of Early Childhood studies at Melbourne University and have taught both 3 and 4 year old kindergarten groups since graduating in 1993. If I had to name one thing it would have to be the relationships that you form with children and their families throughout the year, and the impact this has on children's learning. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to watch and support the children grow and become part of a community. I believe that providing a sense of belonging for children and their families ensures that they will flourish as happy and inquisitive learners! Over the last two years I have gained a much deeper understanding of play based learning as I have become very passionate about engaging children in nature and our Bush Kinder program. I have seen the many many benefits of this program and look forward to developing this program into the future at Mentone Preschool. Away from kinder I love being involved in my own children’s community, going to the beach with my husband and two boys and family camping holidays.

Michelle Sundstrom - Sea Stars Teacher

Michelle - Sea Stars Teacher

I began working at Mentone Preschool 3 years ago after completing my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.  Previously working as an Educator for 11 years my passion and desire to give children the best possible start to learning inspired me to continue my own learning journey. I am inspired by the children, their love of life,  their enthusiasm and their never ending curiosity. I am very passionate about the early years in a child's learning and development. As a teacher I am here along with the child's family to play an active role in the child's learning by providing real opportunities for the children learn, develop and have fun.

Outside of kindergarten I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, spending time at the beach, watching movies and training at the gym.
Every year I look forward to meeting our new children, getting to know them and their families and welcoming them to our wonderful Preschool.

Teresa Wojcik - Dolphins Teacher

Teresa - Dolphins Teacher

My name is Teresa and I am very excited to be joining Mentone Pre School. My career has been devoted to early childhood education in Melbourne settings, ranging from community to independent school kindergartens. I look ahead to building supportive and collaborative partnerships with the preschool children, families, staff and local community. I believe that childhood is beautiful time, with each passing day holding many opportunities for delightful play. As an educator, I draw inspiration from the children’s interests, conversations and questions to develop open-ended and intentional learning experiences. Appreciation of one another and our world provides infinite opportunities for enquiry, discovery, connection and lifelong learning. Our Dolphin days will be filled with joy, as the children and educators delve together into investigations through music, art, construction, science, nature and more. Outside of kindergarten, I love spending time with my family which at home is my husband and our dog named Bailey. I am a proud grandmother of a young lady who has just commenced Prep and because she lives in Queensland I am a frequent flyer!

Anne - Sea Stars Educator

I was very excited to join the wonderful team at Mentone Pre School in January 2019, after many years of employment as the Kindergarten Teacher at Elliniki Early Learning Centre in Beaumaris. I completed my Diploma of Early Childhood Teaching at Melbourne University in 1993, always knowing my vocation in life after watching Mary Poppins (and loving her) at a young age.   During my career, both my knowledge and passion for teaching has grown even greater, and I do belive we, as educators of young children, have the most fulfilling and rewarding occupation in nurturing and facilitating the learning of your "little treasures".

I value children as individuals who develop at their own rate and cannot be compared to another child. Children thrive in a nurturing, safe, stimulating and accepting environment. Positive role modelling, encouragement and play are all necessary for children to learn, grow and develop. Children need time and space to develop new skills and to practise familiar ones, the opportunity to make choices, and the chance to develop their independence, respect for themselves and each other. I believe play is the work of a child.
My husband Russ and I are very blessed our amazing 4 year old, Gracie. We love family time and regular camping holidays with my Step son Sean, Step-Daughter Nikita, her husband Rick and our grandaughter Lexi. In my spare time I love to cook, trial new recipes, read, enjoy our beautiful local beach and even a spot of fishing! 

Robyn Brown  - Dolphins and Sea Stars Educator

Robyn - Dolphins & Sea Stars Educator

I was delighted to join the team at Mentone Pre School in 2017 as Educator of the Dolphins group. Having completed my Certificate III of Early Childhood Education and Care in 2015 I have gained valuable experience in a variety of Kinder settings doing casual relief work. Being involved in the Kindergarten environment of my two daughters re-ignited my interest and passion to pursue a career in this field, which had been a long held desire of mine. I love watching children learn in every facet of life and consider it a privilege to be a part of that journey. I’m excited to bring my experience of music leadership to the children, having eight years with the ‘mainly music’ team, believing we can have fun while learning. Some of my other interests include photography, scrapbooking and craft, all of which are put to good use in my role as Educator.

Anne Beddoe - Penguins Educator

Anne - Penguins Educator

I have had 30 years experience working in education across Primary and Early Childhood environments. I hold firm views of returning to basics, natural environments and giving children time and opportunity to grow and develop. In recent years I have expanded my experience to work in administration, and now return to my core values of supporting children's growth as whole people. The children are at the heart of all I do. I believe in fostering a lifelong love of learning through play and exploring the interests and needs of children as individuals. I believe in providing a fun and safe environment where children feel a sense of belonging and are encouraged to take positive learning risks. I value the Kindergarten community, families and staff and I value working as a team to build community spirit beyond the Kindergarten gates.

Kerry Cromie - Lunch Relief Educator (Sea Stars & Penguins)
Kerry - Lunch Relief Educator (Sea Stars & Penguins)
I am a qualified horticulturist, spending my first working years completing an apprenticeship in a wholesale nursery propagating plants. I love nature and I am very passionate about conservation and sustainability. My family loves to do lots of outdoor activities exploring this wonderful country, like kayaking and camping. I previously ran a private family day care business out of my home for 6 years. I completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education in 2017 as my main goal and passion has always been to be part of a Kindergarten. I am very excited to collaborate with fellow educators to facilitate an inclusive, caring and fun environment for children and their families.
Faye - Administrator (Part Time)
I first became involved with Mentone Pre School when my eldest son started 3 year old kindergarten in 2015 and I volunteered on the Committee of Management.  It was such a great way of getting to know all about the kindergarten, getting to know the staff better and making many friends with other people from different groups.  I continued on the Committee of Management for 3 years and gained a variety of experience from different roles.  In 2018 when my youngest son attended 4 year old kindergarten rather than be on the committee I opted to help the staff with the start of year set up and when the position came up late in 2018 for an administrator I obviously jumped at the chance to keep being a part of this great preschool, and luckily for me I was successful in my application!  I am excited about the years ahead working with our parents on the committee and further developing my relationships with the teachers and educators.



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