Bush Kinder

In 2016 Mentone Pre School decided to introduce a Bush Kinder program.  After much planning and organising from staff and committee, both our 4 year old groups got to experience a trial for one session.  At that trial session they found abundant wildlife (cockatoos, caterpillars, rabbits, ducklings, a possum and a tawny frogmouth) and all the children loved running, climbing and jumping.  The Sea Stars worked together as a team to build a 'campfire' and our Penguins made 'Wombat Stew' - without the wombat! 

Following the success of that trial session we added Bush Kinder to our program in 2017.  We have found that the children benefit so much from the weekly experience.  Bush Kinder is held at beautiful Braeside Park on the Tuesday afternoon session for our Penguins group (12.30pm to 4pm) and commences in Term 2 every year. 

Bush Kinder was developed in response to a mounting body of evidence suggesting that outdoor activities in a natural environment are extremely beneficial to children’s health, wellbeing and development. 

Some of the recognised benefits of regular play in the natural environment include;

  • Increased social, physical and language skills
  • Deeper conceptual understanding and respect for the natural environment
  • Mud, sand, water, leaves, sticks etc. can stimulate children’s immune systems making them sick less often.
  • More resistant to stress, lower incidence of behavioural disorders, anxiety and depression and have a higher measure of self-worth. 

To find out more, please refer to our Bush Kinder Parent Handbook.  

Policies for Bush Kinder are:
Dog Awareness
Emergency Evacuation
Protective Clothing
Snake Awareness & First Aid
Delivery & Collection of Children
Extreme Weather
Safety & Hygiene


Bush Kinder Session Term 2, 2017







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